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 www.5thrangersecoy.com US Reenacting Unit in Kentucky - USA
 www.17th-airborne.eu/index.php?lang=us US Reenacting Unit - GREAT SITE - Europe
 www.29th.co.uk/history.htm US Reenacting Unit in the United Kingdom
 www.30th117bakerco.com US Reenacting Unit in Tennessee - USA
 www.82nd.us US Reenacting Unit is North Carolina - USA 
 www.hq502nd.com US Airborne Reenacting Unit - USA
 www.506pirhqco.org US Reenacting Unit Midwest - USA 
 www.airborne506.org US Reenacting Unit in the Southeast - USA 
 www.asnz.org US Reenacting Unit (Air Soft)- New Zealand
 www.arrowhead.mvpa.com US Reenacting Unit in Texas 
 http://www.band-of-brothers.be/  US Reenacting Unit in Belgium
 www.band-of-brothers.nl US Reenacting Unit in The Netherlands
 www.bigred1-bcompany.com US Reenacting Unit in Europe 
 www.Crew976.org US Reenacting Unit in Florida - USA (Explorers)
 US Reenacting Unit in the Southeast - USA
 www.dutchdeuces.nl  US Reenacting Unit in the Netherlands
 www.dutyfirst.be US Reenacting Unit in Sweden
 www.easy39th.com US Reenacting Unit in California - USA  
 www.easy506th.org US Reenacing Unit in Northeast - USA 
 www.eddystoneww2.com/english/index_eng.htm US Reenacting Unit in Hong Kong 
 www.geocities.com/alvinlee_81/Syonan.html Axis Reenacting Unit in Singapore
 www.geocities.com/alvinlee_81/index.html Japanese Reenacting Unit in Singapore
 www.kidnapeasywhite.com   US Reenacing Unit in Oregon - USA 
 www.members.tripod.com/fssflhg/id67.htm US/Canada Reenacting Unit - Canada/USA
 www.mrainc.org.au Reenacting Association - NSW, Australia!
 www.secondinfantry.com US Reenacting Unit in Florida - USA

Allied Reenacting Unit - Australia!

 http://thedayofheroes.altervista.org/ReenactorSite/Home.htm Allied Reenacting Unit - Italy
 www.tough-ombres.com  US Reenacting unit in Germany
 http://www.usar-germany.npage.de/index.html  US Reenacting unit in Germany
 http://us-paratroops.valka.cz US Reenacting Unit in Czech Republic
 www.vmvc.net Victorian Military Vehicle Corp - Australia!
 www.wartimeliving.co.uk US Reenacting Unit in Northern Ireland
 www.ww2manchu.com US Reenacting Unit in California - USA
 http://ww2reenactors.co.nz/ US/Axis Reenacting Units - New Zealand 
 www.wwiireenactor.com/index.htm US Reenacting group in the UK 

 http://victoryandliberty44.niloo.fr                                                 US           Reenacting Unit in FRANCE 


www.atthefront.com US & Axis WWII uniforms and fieldgear
www.alliedworkshops.com US Army duffle and carry bags
www.colleczejeux.com European collectible dealer
www.d-dayclothes.com  European militaria dealer 
 http://www.gatling-gun.com/  Authentic military collectible site
 www.germanhelmetcarriers.com  German helmet & accessory supplier
 http://lf.2eme.gm.free.fr/ European militaria dealer
 http://www.m-1helmet.com  Fantastic source for M1 helmet information
www.ww2connection.com WW2 Collection - Signed Books & Prints
  www.militaria.eu European militaria dealer  
 www.kingsforgeandmuzzleloading.com  Colonial Period / French & Indian War Vendor 
 www.west-front.com.au  Film Technical Advisors - Australia! **
www.wwiiimpressions.com US WWII uniforms and tentage  
 www.reenactorclassifieds.com Historical auction website
 www.rsdmilitaria.com US Indian War Militaria site
 http://www.tuttomilitare.it/  European militaria dealer


Helmet restoration
 epclzxray@aol.com  Ezelle Products Company - Militaria dealer
www.abc.com this is a good unit to join!



 http://107thmechcavsqd.ieasysite.com/ 107th Mechanized Cavaly History Site
http://ameddregiment.amedd.army.mil US Army Combat Medic Museum
http://ameddregiment.amedd.army.mil/museum2/index.htm Army Medical Department Museum 
www.pattonthirdarmy.com The ultimate General George Patton Resource


Regis University's Living History Program
http://ww2reenactors.proboards35.com Great forum for WWII reenacting - USA
   http://www.wwiireenacting.co.uk  Fantastic WWII reenacting forum - UK

 Great website for Lt. Colonel G. A. Custer

  http://www.anairmansstory.com                                                   Site that preserves the combat history of WWII & Korean War aviators 

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