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Top Pots - Deluxe Custom Emblem & Inscription US WWII Infantry or Airborne Helmet, Liner & Accessory Package! (Create your own helmet)

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Top pots

Deluxe Custom US WWII Infantry or Airborne Helmet , Liner & Accessory Package!

(Create your own helmet)


This is the ultimate customization experience for building your own WWII helmet.  This piece has everything.  Helmet net, medic pack, scrim.  Also included are your choice of helmet style, finish, net, unit emblem, rank and name inscription.   

The helmet consists of an original US WWII M-1 helmet shell and liner.  Your choice of infantry or airborne.  These pieces will be restored to WWII  specifications with high quality reproduction accessories.  Whatever helmet you select will come complete and built to your specifications!

If you've been looking for that special re-enactment, display or commemoration piece, act now and get a deal! 

Artefakes are excluded, but "aged" shell finish requests will be accepted.

Note: When checking out online, simply write your desired helmet style, unit emblem, rank and name inscription in the "comment section" of the check out form.  I will then confirm your order personally via phone or email. 

If there are any questions, need for assistance when ordering or if you want to order directly, email me at info@toppots.net or call me directly at 1-888-435-6383 (toll free)

$600.00 USD


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