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Top Pots - US WWII Army Infantry Fix Bale Helmet & Liner Display Set (Helmet & Mannequin Head)

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Top Pots

US WWII Army Infantry M1 Fix Bale Helmet Display Set (Helmet & Mannequin Head)

One Helmet & One Mannequin Head

After years of requests for "masculine" looking display heads,  I am proud to offer this product.  Perfect for your office, book shelf or "war room".

It will include:

One US WWII M1 helmet shell (front seam), US M1 infantry helmet liner (with frontal eyelet hole) & polystyrene display head.  

The M-1 helmet has been totally restored (no dents or cracks).  It has new exterior paint, cork textured, and fix bale chinstrap loops.  It has sewn infantry chinstraps (with early buckle and J hook) and removable liner strap.

The M-1 liner provided with this helmet is Grade I.  It has been totally restored with new exterior paint (high gloss), new OD #3 HBT cloth suspension (which includes): upper suspension, lace cord, backstrap and two-piece nape strap. It also includes sweatband, six "teethed" brass headband spring clips and removable leather liner strap.

The mannequin head is a light-weight polystyrene and white in colour.

Note: See FAQ page for explanation on difference between Grade I & II helmet liners.

$410.00 USD


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