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Top Pots - Aged US WWII McCord M1C Swivel Bale Army Paratrooper Airborne Helmet Shell with Chin Straps (ARTEFAKE)

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Aged US WWII McCord Swivel Bale Army Paratrooper Airborne Helmet Shell with Chin Straps (ARTEFAKE)


This is a totally restored US WWII (front seam) McCord Radiator manufactured M1 helmet shell that has been converted to M1C paratrooper airborne helmet specifications.  This is one of the most historically accurate helmet restorations available. 

The helmet has undergone an extensive process where it has been stripped, dent removed, primed, textured, and then painted.  The piece is then weathered to replicate a helmet that is 60 + years (see pics for examples)

This particular helmet comes with a set of attached WWII airborne helmet chin straps.  The chin straps are some of the best manufactured reproductions available.  They are made with 100% cotton, 11 row weave, olive drab #3 (khaki) webbing with a white cotton filler.  They come attached (with proper "bar tack" stitching) and are complete with three piece early war brass chin strap hardware and steel end tabs. 

The chinstraps will be aged too, with fraying and oxided hardware.  The para snaps with the chinstraps are made from early war style raw steel.

The end result is an authentic representation of what an aged US WWII M1C paratrooper helmet shell would have looked like.

The photos are examples of what you could expect.  Some variation may occur, but this is what you can expect with your purchase.

If you desire a piece with a different degree of weathering, just let me know!

* Please note that a few extra weeks (beyond standard production times) may be needed to acheive desired finish 

$355.00 USD


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