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Top Pots - Post War Mid-War M2 / M1C Paratrooper Helmet Liner (Grade I Complete Model

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Top Pots

Complete Post War "Mid War" Army Paratrooper M2 M1C Airborne Liner with removable liner strap and accessories (Grade I Airborne Liner)

Original US M1958 Post War M-1 helmet liner that has been restored to "mid war" M2 M1C airborne helmet specifications with high quality reproduction helmet accessories.  This Grade I M-2 paratrooper helmet liner comes complete with an removable liner strap, sweatband, chincup and nape strap

It will include:

One M1958 Post War liner restored as a "mid war" US WWII M2 M1C paratrooper airborne helmet liner

This Grade I M1958 helmet liner has been totally restored with an original removable liner strap.  

It has new exterior paint (high gloss), polished interior, new OD #3 HBT cloth suspension (which includes): upper suspension, lace cord, backstrap, two-piece nape strap, internal airborne snaps and OD #3 A straps with brass wire buckles (factory installed).

It also includes sweatband, six "teethed" brass headband spring clips, non-removable leather liner strap (set with steel rivet and clasp) and a leather chincup (with chamois lining). 

This Model 1958 helmet liner is the same as the the WWII variety, but does not have the frontal eyelet hole and does not have any manufacturer variation ... so please do not pick a liner manufacturer when you select this item.

The liner is Grade I (with no cracks or structural imperfections)

Note: See FAQ page for detailed explanation on difference between Grade I & II helmet liners

$220.00 USD


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