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Top Pots - US WWII M-1 Helmet Parachute First Aid Medic Packet

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Top Pots
This is a reproduction of the first aid pack that was issued to all of the US assault troops (airborne, infantry and glider) prior to the Normandy invasion.

This item is made from original OD #3 rubberized cloth and is packed with a generic filler to maintain its shape. This item comes with the words "FIRST AID" stamped across the front and with two strips of OD #3 cotton binding tape for attachment. The lengths are long enough to attach the packet to the helmet, combat suspenders, wrist or ankle.

Original packets would have contained a small first-aid dressing, tourniquet, disposable syringe of morphine, and a packet of anti-infection sulphadiazinetablets. There are reproductions of some of these items available, but once placed inside the rubberized cloth they do not present the uniform and vacuum seal that make for a good presentation. (They look awful). Other dealers use surplus Carlisle bandages to fill them, those too give a poor presentation.

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