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Top Pots - US WWII Army M1928 Field Pack

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Top Pots

This is a reproduction US WWII M-1928 haversack field pack.  This canvas backpack was the standard issued equipment for the US infantryman during WWII.  This is the light assault pack version, meant to carry raincoat, c-rations and toilet set.  (A complete field pack would include the M-1928 pack carrier.  It strapped to the bottom edge of the pack and held the blanket roll, spare underwear, tent poles, pins, cords and shelter half)

It includes:

  • Meat can pouch (attaches to top of main flap)
  • Main pack
  • Grommet tabs for entrenching tool cover (available separately)
  • Left side grommet holes for bayonet
  • Complete with four sets of adjustable straps (with spring clips and slide buckles)

(Pack filler and mess kit not included)

$75.00 USD


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