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Top Pots - US WWII USMC Swivel Bale M-1 Infantry Helmet & Liner with Camouflage Cover (Grade I Liner)

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Top Pots

US WWII USMC Swivel Bale M-1 Infantry Helmet (Grade I Liner)

Original US WWII swivel bale M-1 helmet shell and liner.  Both pieces have been restored to M-1 infantry helmet specifications with high quality reproduction M-1 helmet accessories.  This M-1 infantry helmet comes complete with removable liner strap, Grade I liner, all the accessories pictured and "aged" reproduction USMC cover.

It will include:

One US WWII M-1 helmet shell (front seam) & US M-1 infantry helmet liner (with frontal eyelet hole)

The M-1 helmet has been totally restored (no dents or cracks).  It has new exterior paint, cork textured, and fixed bale chinstrap loops.  It has sewn infantry chinstraps with snaps (with early buckle and J hook) and removable liner strap.

The M-1 liner provided with this helmet is Grade I.  It has been totally restored with new exterior paint (high gloss), new OD #3 HBT cloth suspension (which includes): upper suspension, lace cord, backstrap and two-piece nape strap. It also includes sweatband, six "teethed" brass headband spring clips and removable leather liner strap.

Reproduction US WWII USMC camouflage M-1 helmet cover (1st pattern).

Adopted in 1942 this herring bone twill, cotton cloth, reversible helmet cover was used by the Marine Corps in the Pacific.

This two-sided reversible cover had three colours of tan/brown on one side and a four colour pattern of green/brown on the other. It has been suggested that the tan side was for beach landings and the green was to be used in the jungle. Photographic evidence suggests that the green side was used most often. These are the early war covers without the foilage slits or EGA stamping.

These particular covers were used in a motion picture. They have been theatrically aged and then used. I think they are the finest reproductions ever made and indistinguishable from originals. They are unmarked and perfect for any impression or collection.

Note: See FAQ page for explanation on difference between Grade I & II helmet liners

$345.00 USD


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