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Top Pots - Reproduction US WWII M1 Army Infantry Fix Bale Helmet & Liner with Medic & 172nd Infantry Brigade Emblems (IMPROVED MODEL)

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Top Pots

Reproduction US WWII M1 Army Infantry Bale Helmet & Liner 

(Improved Model)

For an exceptional quality US WWII M1 Army Swivel Bale Infantry Helmet & Liner (Reproduction) - look no further!

One Size Fits All

This is a complete all reproduction of the US WWII M1 infantry swivel bale helmet and liner.  It comes complete with helmet shell, plastic liner, early war infantry chinstraps, leather liner chinstrap, sweatband and nape strap.  

These helmets are fantastic and are something that has not been done before, which is a new exact copy of the "tall domed" US WWII swivel bale helmet shell, one that actually fits original US WWII liners!  Buy one of these and when you eventually find a WWII era liner, put this helmet with it and nobody will ever know the difference.  They are that good.

This special model comes exactly as presented above with new upgraded accessories and liner.  This makes for a stunning display or reenactment.  It comes with the same accessories and components as my restored US WWII helmets.

 This is helmet is for all those not wanting to spend the money on a modified original helmet or put up with a modified ill fitting "smaller domed" rear seam M1 helmet shell.  This helmet is for you!

Please note:

*This helmet & Liner is sold as a single piece and comes with all accessories and is exactly as pictured.

$300.00 USD


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