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Top Pots - Early War US Vietnam Era M1C Paratrooper Helmet & P55 Liner without Camouflage Cover (Original Components)

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Complete US Vietnam Era M1C Paratrooper Helmet & M1958 Liner without Camouflage Cover (Original Components)

Original finish early war US M1C paratrooper helmet shell & liner, as worn by the advisors, ARVN and regular combat troops.  The shell and liner are in excellent condition and composed of all original components with the shell having an all original mint sand aggregate finish and the liner new exterior paint job.  This M1C paratrooper helmet shell comes complete with original components, such as early T-1 paratrooper chinstraps and complete suspension with all accessories.

This model features the hard to find P55 airborne liner with leather liner chinstrap.  It is complete with an all original suspension and componentsIt has OD #7 duck-cloth upper band, back-strap, nape strap, matching sweatband, canvas chin-cup, original leather liner chinstrap, internal snaps and "A" straps.

The P55 M1 helmet liner was produced between 1955 - 1963.  It was the first M1 helmet liner to not have the front eyelet hole and feature the heavy duty olive drab #7 duckcloth suspension system.  Otherwise, it was identical to the WWII style of suspension with the circular string tie in the crown and separate neck-band with two-piece nap strap.

Some "A" straps are set "factory" style with the A straps literally underneath the suspension and some are set "rigger" style about a 1/2" beneath the suspension.  At the moment, I have bothLet me know your choice when ordering.

This helmet is complete with all accessories pictured and will look exactly as photographed.  I don't have many in this condition, so order now to get the best ones while they last.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly. 

Thanks for looking!

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