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US WWII Army M1C or M2 D Bale Paratrooper Airborne Helmet & Liner (EXCHANGE SERVICE)

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US WWII Army M1C or M2 D Bale Paratrooper Airborne Helmet & Liner (EXCHANGE SERVICE)

For a limited time, I will be trialing an "exchange" service for customers who have trashed US WWII era helmet and liners that they would like restored.  The whole point of this service is to offer a simple and economic way for more people to obtain a complete and restored Top Pots US WWII helmet.   Some conditions will apply.

Before You Order:

Before ordering this service, please contact me personally.  You will need to submit photos or verbally describe the helmet shell and liner you want to exchange.  Once that is done, I can give you the address of where to send the pieces and you can place your order. 

If you are in the US or Canada, I have an address in Tennessee where your M1 shell and liner can be sent.  If you are elsewhere in the world, they can be sent to me in Australia.  The result of this exchange will be both reduced cost and production time.

Once that is done, you will be sent a complete and totally restored US WWII helmet (front seam) and M1 liner (may be from Korean War) from my inventory.  Depending on the current workload, a production time may be needed, but it will significantly faster than me waiting to restore your individual pieces. 


My goal is to offer the chance for more people to obtain a quality Top Pots WWII helmet and liner.  After almost 14 years in the business, I have learned a thing or two about bringing these helmets back to life and I want to share that skill.  There are a lot of damaged shells and liners out there, so go find a set on the cheap and save some money.

Dents, stress fractures, rust, missing bales are not a problem and cracked liners are not, either.  I can fix all these faults in a structurally sound manner, which is not only durable, but pleasing to the eye.  Please know that if you do exchange a liner with cracks, you will receive a liner that formerly had cracks, but has been carefully repaired by me. 

(I am getting pretty good at blending these repairs, so don't be afraid to talk to me about it)


Anyway, this is my attempt to make Top Pots helmets more affordable and available to customers who may have access to or possess an otherwise worthless steel pot and liner.  We are going to keep this simple by not going into crazy customization or collector grade requests.  That is what my featured helmets and other services are for, but you can feel free to add additional services, such as painted emblems, netting, scrim, etc...  to your order.

In regards to savings, with the airborne helmets, you will save about $200 US from buying one of my standard helmets and about $100 from sending your actual helmet to me and piecing together the accessories. This is taking postage (both ways) into account and standard accessories.

This service is a ONE PRICE deal.  Express Courier shipping, handling and insurance is included in the fee.  Considering that alone is about $70 US, this is not a bad price.


I can assure you every shell used will be a true WWII era piece (front seam) and all the liners will be US manufactured (frontal eyelet hole).  Also, if you like what you see in the example photos, you are going to love what you receive in person.  I strive to improve with every production batch, whether it's a small detail, such as paint sheen, or a larger one, such as improving the weave on the chinstrap webbing.

Rest assured, you know what you will be getting with a Top Pots helmet, something other helmet restoration operations cannot do.


So, if you are interested in obtaining a totally restored and complete Top Pots US WWII helmet and liner, at a bargain price, head to the local flea market or EBAY and find you a trashed shell and liner!  I will be more than happy to find a home for it.  Thanks for looking and contact me personally if you have any questions.

All helmets will include:

Original US WWII M1C swivel or modified M2 D bale helmet shell and airborne liner.  Both pieces will be restored to WWII era M1C or M2 paratrooper helmet specifications with high quality reproduction accessories.  This M1 helmet comes complete with paratrooper chinstraps, A straps, leather chin cup, removable liner strap, sweatband, nape strap and leather liner chinstrap (all pictured).

$295.00 USD Free shipping


Is our preferred payment gateway, all payments will be converted to Australian Dollars.
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