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US Post War M-1 Helmet Liner Manufacturer - MODEL 1958

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This is the selection of a US post war Model 1958 manufactured M-1 helmet liner to be used with your selected purchase of a complete US WWII M-1 helmet or liner from Top Pots.  

This choice of manufacturer will be added to your shopping cart and a post war Model 1958 made M-1 helmet liner will be used with your completed purchase.

The model 1958 M-1 helmet liner marked several changes.  The US M-1 helmet liner itself would no longer be made from compressed strips of duckcloth and would be made from a laminated nylon (I cannot tell the difference), the liner would retain a suspension made from a different type of suspension cloth that was sturdier and, most notably, the US M-1 helmet liner would no longer have the distinctive frontal eyelet hole.

* You must buy a complete helmet or liner from Top Pots to take advantage of this service! 

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