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Top Pots - US WWII M1 Army Helmet & Liner Identification Service

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Top Pots
US WWII M1 Army Helmet & Liner Identification Service

 If you have a WWII M1 helmet and liner that you would like to obtain detailed information about, either for resale or to retain as part of your collection, please contact me and, for a $20 fee, I will happily assist you in identifying the helmet.  There are many nuances to the M1 helmet and, after years of hands on experience and research, I can provide you a more detailed insight that anywhere else.  This will be a detailed process and you will need to be able to provide me some basic information before we can do this, such as being able to view certain production codes, ability to email me photos and possibly have some time to talk to me by phone.

If interested in this service, please contact me and we can make arrangements for the photos and information that I will need.  After the photos are received and payment submitted, you will receive a detailed printable PDF with the information concerning your helmet, which will cover texturing and paint finish assessment, shell manufacturer, production date information, liner identification, hardware appraisal, accessory inventory and even service number identification research (if applicable), etc... .  This is a fairly detailed process and one that will take me usually about two hours when you consider emails, phone calls, photo analysis and transcription of the final helmet and liner assessment...  so considering the time that's involved... it's a bargain. 


$25.00 USD Free shipping


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