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US WWII Aged M-2 M-1C Airborne Paratrooper Chin Straps

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This set of US WWII paratrooper "aged" M-2 / M-1C airborne helmet chin straps are some of the best in the M-1 helmet resotration / reproduction market.  This chin strap set is made from a limited upply of shuttle loomed khaki chin strap webbing that I have.  It has the distinctive 11 row weave, white cotton filler and (more importantly) shuttle loom production value (no needle loom markings on the side).  These chin straps are priced more than my standard chin straps because of the work involved, but the result is worth it.  Now there is finally a seemless replacement chin strap set for any original US paratrooper M-2 / M-1C airborne helmet shell. 

$50.00 USD


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