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Reproduction WWII German Army Uniform Reversible Mouse Grey Anorak Wind Hood (Wind Hood Only)

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Reproduction WWII German Army Uniform Reversible Mouse Grey Pattern Parka Jacket Head Toque (Wind Hood Only). This fully reversible parka head toque or head cover (Kopfhaube) was produced in various camouflage and solid colour exteriors that were all reversible to white or an alternate camouflage pattern. They were issued with the heavy winter parka jackets, trousers and mittens and were designed to be worn as an additional layer of protection under the steel helmet and parka jacket hood. This head covering has fastening flap, HBT adjustible neck strap and is designed to be tucked into the collar of the parka and then fastened over the head for wear beneath the German steel stahlhelm helmet. This item is not to be confused with the actual hood of the parka, which is actually attached to the jacket. Be sure to buy all four pieces (parka jacket, pants, mittens and head toque!)

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